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Indie Matters

No labels & bosses weighing in on how I'd release this music...

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People Matter

The experience allows for a 

direct conversation between me and everyone listening about the making of the music and the meaning behind it. 

Positivity Matters

Rap is too derogatory? I have a positive & balanced approach to hip hop...

...so that you can hear the absolute truth without having to find the "clean version"

We Care About Everybody

"Dear Everybody", is a triple braided cord. It's a tribute, a greeting, and a declaration all at once. 

Strand #1 - In most cases, Artist don't make beats, Producers do! So I came up with a mixtape series that allows me to be intentional about paying tribute to the producers, djs, vocalists, and musicians who create the soundscapes. In the music community, #everybodymatters. In fact, for life in general, that's my declaration, Strand #2. And lastly, I'm ShySpeaks, a hip-hop & spoken word artist. My name is an oxymoron. What can I say, I love a good play on words. Hence my ability to draw a couple of definitions out of one term. Strand #3 - Dear Everybody is my way of saying, "Hello World" as I tackle topics that relate to just about any and #everybody!

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to Action Headline

"ShySpeaks is a beast!"

- Lecrae, Reach Records/Columbia Records

"ShySpeaks is a Beast"

- Lecrae, Reach Records